Transaction advisory

It includes advising clients on transaction modelling, review of transaction from taxation perspective and as per relevant laws of applicable jurisdiction.

Mergers and acquisitions

We consult on various matters relating to mergers and acquisition of enterprises. We ensure that maximum synergy to be obtained through merger and acquisition. We also help client on valuation of businesses.

Cost cutting advisory

We consult client to attain optimum cost structure through identification and elimination of unnecessary cost elements involve in business operations. We help client in become more technology adaptive to ensure low cost of operations in long run.

Startup advisory

We have a dedicated team to support our startup clients. We help start up clients in availing various services offered by government. We also consult in finding suitable venture capitalist/investor for startups at win-win propositions.

Investment advisory

We advise on making optimum investments so as to ensure maximum returns with minimum risks with risks with risks. We have a dedicated team to support our startup clients.